A-1 Burbank Movers offers a variety of services and facilities related to moving and shifting. Our services are designed to make your move as easy as possible, which will help you transition to a new place. Call us to tell us about your upcoming move and we will quote you a price that you will like without compromising on quality or reliability.

Office Moves

The crew at A-1 Burbank Movers is adept at handling all items and materials that may be a part of an office move. We know what challenges can be faced when an office is moved from one place to another. We also understand that you need to continue carrying out your daily business, which is why we will make the process as comfortable as possible at our end. All computers, furniture, multimedia, files and records will be kept safe and secure during the move. Read more about office moves here.

Commercial Moves

At A-1 Burbank Movers, we have skilled workers who have the knowledge and expertise required to complete all commercial moves in a seamless manner. We recognize what each of our clients may want in a commercial move. We first listen to your needs and then determine what the best course of action may be. Read more about commercial moves here.

Long Distance Moves

Any move that requires more than 20 miles of travel is considered a long distance move. A-1 Burbank Movers has enough experience to provide intercity and interstate moves with no trouble whatsoever to our clients. We possess all the licensing and permits for long distance moves as well and will provide you with the finest moving experience. Read more here.

Local Moves

Moves that have a destination within 20 miles are called local moves. These are usually completed in just one day by A-1 Burbank Movers. If you hire us, we will give you the highest quality of service and get done with the move in a timely manner. Local moves understandably cost less than long distance moves most of the times. For more information about local moves, click here.

Residential Moves

We will move your stuff to and from an apartment, a house, a condo or any place you want with supreme care and professionalism. Whatever your problems or special requirements may be, we will be on hand to deliver according to your expectations. We will be careful with your furniture, appliances and decorative items among other stuff. For more information, click here.

Retail Moves

Retail establishments move all the time, and we help them move with efficiency and swiftness. A-1 Burbank Movers has enough experience to handle all kinds of retail moves. From inventories to cash registers, and from jewelry to machinery, we move everything according to the best practices of our industry. Read more here.

Packing, Wrapping and Unpacking

A-1 Burbank Movers provides a range of packing services. We can wrap and pack all your belongings if you want. We also offer partial packing and unpacking services where we only touch the items you want us to pack. All the special handling instructions you send are way are given importance as we understand that you know your belongings best. Trust us to ensure the safety and security of your belongings. Read here for more.

Moving Checklist

For every move, we provide our clients with a checklist of items and recommended tasks tailored according to their situation to make the process of moving a whole lot easier and smoother. Whenever our clients follow the checklist and designed work plan, we know that their relocation will be hassle-free.

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