Moving Checklist

Planning a move long before it actually starts will save you tons of time and last minute hassle. You should make a to-do list and act on it so that your move is smooth and stress free. The list will also help you not miss or forget any task necessary for the completion of the move. A-1 Burbank Movers will help you making a solid plan and a to-do list which will benefit you throughout your move.

Before You Hire Us

  • Know your rights and go to so that you have all the facts and information on the types of insurance a moving company should provide.
  • Ask for estimates and information about our services from our helpful representative. It is always better, though, if you allow us to visit your place so that we can price our services effectively for you.

Keep Track of The Paperwork

  • Use a folder to keep all your agreements with the moving company. All other move-related documents should also be kept with them.
  • Send letters or necessary information to businesses and authorities that need to know you are changing your address. The U.S. Postal Service can help you with that.
  • Fill out the official change-of-address form provided by the U.S. Post Office.
  • Finalize the insurance paperwork for the insurance during and after the move.
  • Tell your friends and family that you are moving so that they are not in the dark. You can do this through letters or emails or on the phone.

Take Care of Miscellaneous Tasks Before Packing

  • Everything you do not need at your new destination should be thrown out. You can try selling, auctioning or donating the things you will no longer need or if you plan to start anew.
  • If you have a fridge or freezer, begin consuming the food inside it or just give it to someone. Up till the actual day of your move, consider buying limited groceries and make sure to consume them quickly so that your edibles do not perish in the process.
  • Contact the companies handling different subscriptions and ask them to send their services or products to your new location.
  • Schedule when to switch off the utilities at the source of the move and when to switch them on at the destination.
  • Clean your furniture, appliances and other items. Also unplug electrical equipment a day before the move. That way, everything will be packed easily.
  • Do an inventory of all the items. This will prevent items from getting lost.
  • Stay in touch with the moving company until the move is finished so that both are on the same page.

Pack with a Plan

  • If you are planning to have your stuff packed by the moving company, plan all the details beforehand. A-1 Burbank Movers can pack all types of stuff with the finest care and expertise.
  • A-1 Burbank Movers will pack your things a few days before your move and also unpack it at your destination.
  • If you are packing yourself, start packing seasonal items and rarely used material weeks before the move.
  • It is better to purchase or acquire all the moving supplies like boxes, tape, labels and cutters long before the move so that packing is easier. We offer these supplies as well as our packing services to help you focus on other tasks.
  • Label all the boxes according to a system so that you know which box belongs to which room or person. It is easier if you pack one room at a time.
  • Make sure delicate materials have the required padding and protection. A-1 Burbank Movers can help you with that as we provide a partial packing service as well.

At A-1 Burbank Movers, we provide a range of excellent service that range from packing and unpacking to storing and moving. For more information or to get a free quote, call us now at (818) 861-9104 or visit at Burbank, CA . We are here to help.