Long Distance Movers

Taking all your stuff and moving it to a different state or city is an extremely hectic task. With so much on your plate, it is better for you to rely on professional help, whether for a residential move or a commercial one. A-1 Burbank Movers is home to local experts on long distance moves. Our experts have the experience, skill and dedication to deliver the best moving experience possible.

What Is a Long Distance Move?

Any move that across a distance greater than 20 miles is considered a long distance move. Usually moves less than 20 miles are completed within a day. This time duration encompasses all the packing, loading and unpacking procedures. However, moves greater than 20 miles are more demanding. Despite how stressful and tedious they are, the quality of our service and efficiency of our crew will always remain quite high. Trust us to make the move a breeze for you so that you do not experience anxiety or feel overwhelmed.

Why are Long Distance Moves Required?

A long distance move can be commercial or residential. The following are some reasons that fit in one of these two categories, demanding that you move:

  • You get a new job in a different city or state.
  • You move to provide your kids with better opportunities.
  • You have left your parents’ house to be more independent.
  • You have gotten into a relationship that requires you to move to a different city.
  • Your company merges with another company.
  • You move your industry to a more financially stable location.
  • Your company is opening a new branch.

Whatever the reason, we will offer you seamless, easy, excellent and cost-effective service for long distances.

What is the Process of Long Distance Moves at A-1 Burbank Movers?

We understand that long distance moves are different for each client, which is why we tailor our services to meet every client’s unique and specific needs. After you contact us, we send out an expert estimator to your place so that you can discuss all the details of the move comprehensively with the estimator. We finalize each detail before the move starts so that there are no hiccups throughout the process.

Next, we send you a checklist for the items being moved which you can modify and keep with yourself. That way, even if we forget something, you can tell remind us about it. We also keep a copy to make sure nothing is missed.

We recommend that you or your representative supervise the move at both ends as we would like to reach out to you in person in case any problems arise. We then pack, load and move your items. At the destination, we unload and unpack according to your instructions. We will be in touch with you at all times and make sure that each item is handled with the care it deserves.

What is the Cost of Long Distance Moves?

Long distance understandably cost more than local moves due to the longer distances our vehicles have to travel and the work hours spent by our crew. At A-1 Burbank Movers, we offer competitive prices despite never compromising on quality. Each quote we provide our clients depends on the following factors:

  • Distance travelled
  • Number of boxes and items
  • Weight of the items
  • Variety of services provided (packing/unpacking)
  • Special handling procedures
  • Environmental and safety regulations that have to be followed

We offer prices in the light of these factors and finalize all details before the move. We are open to negotiation if you think our prices are high. Trust us to listen to you and reach a mutual understanding.

What Long Distance Services are Provided by A-1 Burbank Movers?

We are not just limited to moving your stuff. We provide a variety of services related to all the aspects of the move. We seamlessly incorporate these services into your schedule if they are part of our deal.

  • We provide a comprehensive range of packing and wrapping services. From full packing and wrapping services to partial packing and unpacking, we offer it all. If you want to handle your own packing, we can provide you with packing materials as well.
  • For those who require storing facilities during long distance moves, we offer safe and secure storage sites where your goods are kept until you yourself move.
  • Moving is our primary service as we are among the top movers in the Burbank area.

We also meet the required criteria for interstate movers, including:

  • We have valid vehicle insurance, worker insurance and liability insurance.
  • We possess an updated Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Registration.
  • We have the transport identifier mentioned by United States Department of Transportation (USDOT).

For any more information and questions about long distance moves and related services, call A-1 Burbank Movers at (818) 861-9104 or visit at:

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