Commercial Movers

Every move presents a unique set of challenges and difficulties. Commercial moves often require delicately handling various items. Sometimes, equipment needs to be packed and unpacked in a special way, usually outlined by the manufacturers.

We understand how much value our clients place on their belongings, computers, industrial machinery, livestock, antique artifacts, and other assets, which is why we go the extra mile to protect them during commercial moves.

At A-1 Burbank Movers, we employ skilled professionals who possess the knowledge and experience needed to complete all kinds of commercial moves. A-1 Burbank Movers treats every project with ample care and attention to detail, guaranteeing that you choose us every time.

What Is Considered a Commercial Move?

There is a difference between a commercial move and an office or retail move. Your business needs to be located on an industrial or commercial property so that your move can be considered a “commercial” one. Places like hotels, farmlands, warehouses, housing projects come under this category.

Industrial Moves

We understand that a lot of different factors need to be taken care of in an industrial move. The most important of these is to follow all the safety and climatic regulations. Oftentimes, an industrial move may require the transportation of hazardous industrial material and related special equipment and machinery. Similarly, moving large and heavy machinery has to be safe for the workers and the machinery.

The safety regulations of United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are followed at all times when we move industrial items. We do keep ourselves up to date with all the laws and regulations regarding industrial moves.


Moving a farm or a ranch is very different from other types of commercial moves, but A-1 Burbank Movers has employees who are capable of handling all kinds of moves. They can move tractors, machines, wood items, and even living animals from one farm to another. The safety of equipment and movers is our top priority, so trust us to make sure that the move is completed without any problems. We also maintain constant communication with our clients and work with mutual understanding and respect.


Businesses grow all the times. On the other hand, some companies downsize for a sustainable and long term future. Regardless, A-1 Burbank Movers is capable of completing all your office moves with the utmost professional care.


All types of robust and fragile items are stored in warehouses. That is why we take special precautions to ascertain the safety of the materials and the workers packing and moving them. Call A-1 Burbank Movers today at (818) 861-9104 to get a free quote about your warehouse move.


Hotel moves need extra attention to detail since the aesthetics of their items must not be compromised. We understand that we have to safeguard the safety and beauty of your items, especially as hotels have more furniture and decorative items compared to other types of clients we deal with. Fortunately, we have the best personnel to relocate all kinds of hotel items.

Medical Centers

Medical centers like hospitals, clinics, or pharmaceutical companies are full fragile and expensive machinery. We also understand the need to keep all patient files and data secure during any transition. A-1 Burbank Movers will keep your equipment safe and secure whether you move locally or to a longer distance.

What Are the Reasons for Commercial Moves?

Like any other move, several reasons can force you to move commercially from one property to another.

  • Merger with another company
  • Financial reasons
  • Growth of business
  • New branch opening

Regardless of reason, A-1 Burbank Movers understands the unique challenges associated with commercial moves and is equipped to handle them.

What is the Cost of Commercial Moves?

We negotiate a fair deal with all our customers and offer competitive prices. We do not believe in fixed prices and let the following factors determine the overall cast:

  • Quantity of the items
  • Weight of the items
  • Distance of the move
  • Services provided
  • Exclusive packing and handling
  • Special environmental and safety regulations for the move

What Is the Process of Commercial Moves?

At A-1 Burbank Movers, we believe in transparency while dealings with our clients. When you contact us for our services, we will out one of our expert estimators to discuss with you what needs to be moved, how, and for what distance. You can tell us if any special handling procedures or safety regulations need to be followed. If you do not, though, we can plan with you the best course of action for moving your commercial materials and items. We also give you a checklist and work plan to follow so as to make sure that nothing is forgotten on the day of the move.

On the day of the move, we help you pack if necessary before loading your items and moving then. At the destination, we unload and also unpack if that is part of our deal. We would appreciate if one of your representatives is present at all times at both ends of the move for supervision and ease of communication.

If you need a commercial move, contact us and we will give you a memorable moving experience imaginable. Call A-1 Burbank Movers now at (818) 861-9104 to get a free price quote or visit us at:

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